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Government ID Verification

Verify government IDs starting from Driver’s license, Aadhar card to PAN Card will be verified appropriately as per the rules and regulations. The motive is to provide our clients with a flawless service where they can manage and get accurate results. E-KYC allows clients to monitor their desired service as per their convenience and requirement. Our interface collects the available data from authorized sources and the verification service secures clients from the people, doing identity theft.


Our SaaS-based solution service allows you to get E-KYC done at your convenience. This service is highly beneficial to financial institutions, NBFC, micro, and macro-financial institutions, and others. Secured online transactions are very much possible and to keep a flawless functioning by keeping the threat of theft in mind. Our AI-based software secures your digital footprints keeping the UIDAI guidelines in mind.

Face Recognition

In this digitized swiftness, an accurate way to keep your workspace moving, our face recognition based AI service is your solution. We provide precise biometric scanning, including all possible details to match with an identity. Our UIA is apt to collect and scan to provide an amplified, secure environment for your organization.

OCR from Image/Doc

Starting from images scanned to collecting the digitized data through our Artificial Intelligence technology for Image Processing and Analysis. From handwritten documents to others, our userfriendly interface allows us to collate and present the digitally secure information. We secure the data but won’t store so that you can be assured about your documents’ exclusivity.

Aadhaar Verification

Comprehensive Aadhaar solutions including hosted solutions for licensed entities

Pan Verification

Comprehensive Pan Card Verification solutions

Why iVerify?

The world is moving towards a paper-free, digital workspace, whether it is corporates, Government organizations or financial institutions. iVerify has recognized the need for a safe and reliable space for verifying and processing the identities without compromising on the data security or safety of the users. We also recognize the threats of identity theft and the need to protect all your stakeholders, to help you grow your business.

Automating the verification process has proven to yield many benefits:

  • Operational Cost reduced by 90%
  • Productivity increased by 400%
  • Data retrieval time: 5 to 25 seconds

Your business needs your time

e-verification with iVerify doesn't

iVerify aims to provide efficient, confidential, synchronous solutions for online verification.

All on one platform.

  • Swift: Do comprehensive background checks in seconds with iVerify!.
  • Simple: iVerify brings Verification information is now at your fingertips.
  • Secure: No data is stored, eliminating the threat to security.
  • Sure: Data fetched from authorized sources.

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