About Us

Our Motto

Provide ideal solutions for seamless background verification by identifying various trusted data sources to accurate information about your clients, employees or any other stakeholders.


Make the world more secure, one verification at a time.


A safer and secure world, free of identity-theft.

At iVerify, we empower you with accurate information that is compiled from various authorized sources. We pride ourselves in our adherence to routine, legal enforcement, ethical behaviour, accuracy, reliability, and making accurate decisions of the background check process.

iVerify is a package of quick, secure and easy solutions that allow you to check any type ofidentity proof automatically. Our online identity verification service is also able to certify the holder’s identification.

A potential user? A new client? An employee of the long term?

In order to help you avoid unforeseen problems and make the process simpler, iVerify is your perfect partner. We provide you with varied solutions to allow you to use our services more efficiently and make the most out of them.

iVerify facilitates Information that is:

Verify the correctness of the submitted details to detect any fraud or counterfeiting, leaving no scope for human error.

Businesses. Individuals. Vendors. Verify anyone, all in one place.

Powered by high-end Tech
AI-based solutions that ensure accurate, reliable, and swift information processing.

The strategic workflows allow monitoring of desired data as per your convenience anytime, anywhere.

Making all information available to ensure risk-free decisions with transparency.

Businesses are as unique as individual identities, and generic solutions don’t fit all. We provide custom e-verification solutions on demand.

Our Customers

The data-driven approach of iVerify to customer confidence lays the groundwork through use cases to eradicate fraud and identity theft, including:

  • Banking institution
  • Banks’ Competitor
  • The Creditors
  • Transactions and Restitution
  • Investors & Market
  • Telecom company
  • Health and sanitation treatment
  • Insurance